Arsum Pathak

Climate Change Adaptation, Sustainability, and Resilience Specialist

Climate Policy and Planning Researcher

Engaged Science-Policy Communicator

Avid Writer, Strategic Thinker, and Leader


I am a doctoral researcher with a passion for tackling climate change and sustainability issues. Currently, I am completing my Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Policy at the University of South Florida. My research interests lie in climate adaptation, sustainable development, and coastal resilience.

What are my skills?

Research: As a mixed-method researcher, I am strongly trained in quantitative as well as qualitative methods over the last four years. 

Writing: I have produced manuscripts for esteemed peer-reviewed journals strengthening my writing skills.

Stakeholder engagement: I have worked with various public and private stakeholders during my research acquiring strong stakeholder engagement skills.

Leadership: Teaching and facilitating various undergraduate courses in the last four years have made me an effective leader.

Team player: While an independent researcher for four years, my various work experiences have given me the opportunity to work in diverse teams from local to a global scale.

Cultural competence: Being bilingual, moving to a different country, and traveling across the world has given me a finer understanding of different cultures.

What drives me?

Bridging the science-policy gap: I started my academic career with a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology Honors. As much as I enjoyed learning biomolecular structures and pipetting, I kept wondering about the broader implications of my work in that tiny lab. I then knew that my interests go beyond traditional disciplines to explore cross-cutting themes that combine scientific knowledge with policy and decision-making. Naturally, I finished an interdisciplinary MSc in Environmental Science before moving across oceans to pursue my Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Policy.  Through my current and future work, I want to inform adaptation theory as well as climate policy for future planning to climate change and associated extreme events. 

What's next for me?

After completing my Ph.D., I want to continue working on climate change issues while expanding and growing my current skills. Having a strong research background, I am particularly excited to move towards real-world climate resilience planning and decision-making. If you have any opportunities in this direction, please feel to reach out to me using my email address or the contact form on this website. 

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